Create entity with reference  publiĆ© le: 2015-11-08

Looking for advice on how to insert entity that reference other entity with Ecto ? This may help you.

What ?

A very consice description of how to insert an new entity with reference to an already inserted entity.

Why ?

When I was trying to do this with ecto, I did't find reference on this. I've found solution to much more advanced questions, but simple one also need guidance for beginners.

How ?

So here is my problem. I have an entity User, I've created it with phoenix tool chain, like this:

$ mix 
mix phoenix.gen.model User users email:string password:string

Quite easy, I've made a couple of changes to this model as described (here)[], in order to add an encrypted password.

Then I've added another entity Couple. The couple is an entity that group two user together, like a couple.

mix phoenix.gen.model Couple couples partner_1:references:users partner_2:references:users

Here is how you could create the couple in db from your app

  def couple(conn, %{:other_user_id => other_user_id ) do 
    current_user_id = get_session(conn, :current_user)
    changeset = %Couple{}
    |> Couple.changeset(%{})
    |> Changeset.put_change(:partner1_id, current_user_id)
    |> Changeset.put_change(:partner2_id, other_user_id)

    #Then do stuff like
    Repo.insert changeset

At first this seams strange, when you never worked with Ecto. Once you've got the idea, you'll understand that hibernate session is really a terrible idea.

In Ecto you create a changeset for an entity. You will accumulate manipulation on your changeset, like with your git/mercurial. Once your happy with the changeset you'll insert it into the db, like a commit.

I didn't explain why nor how to validate and insert. For thoses information the official Ecto documentation is well done.

I hope this very tiny guide will help some of use to progress a little bit further will Elixir and Phoenix.

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